Debbie Myers Green Bags - Debbie Myer Green bags do not work!

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I purchased the green bags last week, put my fresh lettuce (which was dry) in the bag and folded it over as directed.Within 4 days, my fresh lettuce was brown and wilted.

The bag was dotted with moisture inside and my lettuce was slimey! My husband told me that those green bags were a crock..the ad makes it sound so good, I can see why people get decived. Trouble is, you have to spend money to find that out!

When you see something for sale that may sound just to good to be true....thats more than likely the Fact!

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Green Bags have been sold since the 80's sorry that you were one of the unfortunate ones who must have recieved bag bags.They do work.

There are several reasons that the bags may not work. 1. a small hole not seen. 2.

Defective bag (this does happen) not often though. Moisture buildup. Place a paper towel in the bag to remove moisture.

or call 1-800-822-8141 to speak to Evert-Fresh staff.Makers of the original bags.

Debbie Myers Green Bags - Debbie Myer Greenbag

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What more do I need to say. Nothing on the commercial is true. Bananas rotted faster in the bags. Ruined a weeks worth of produce in these things.

Even consumer reports said that the zip lock bag does a better job. And you cannot get anyone on the phone there. Plus no way to send a complaint to them. Ripoffs.

They are all over flea markets already trying to unload them. Of course when you call they try to sell you a bunch of other junk and its all automated so you dont talk to a person.

I say go get a bag of zip lock bags and leave these duds alone.


Campo, California, United States #20677

Humm. I bought some on eBay at a fraction of the retail cost a few weeks ago and they work great.

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